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  • Toshiba K40 Keyboard
    Rp 119.785

    Item Code: STB0460001

    Availability: In stock

    Toshiba K40 USB Keyboard is a keyboard with suspension buttons with ergonomic design, sleek and elegant shape, and has a touch that feels perfect.;
  • Toshiba USB Optical U20 Mouse (Black, White)
    Rp 62.500

    Item Code: STB0420002

    Availability: In stock

    Toshiba U20 USB Optical Mouse gives you precise cursor movement and accuracy at an affordable price. It has a Blue LED Technology feature that gives you more precise and accurate cursors on more surfaces.;
  • Logitech MK100 COMBO CLASSIC DESKTOP (920-003649
    Rp 183.325

    Item Code: SLO0460020

    Availability: In stock

    Logitech combo mouse and keybord
  • Relion Notebook TX-311-WIN-SK (N2940/4GB/500GB/1 ...
    Rp 4.770.400

    Item Code: SRL0530001

    Availability: In stock

    Notebook Relion ini memiliki image size 11.6 inch dengan Processor Intel Celeron Quad Core N2940
  • Relion Notebook TX-390 (i3-6006U/4GB/500GB/14 In ...
    Rp 8.759.375

    Item Code: SRL0540001

    Availability: In stock

    Notebook Relion ini memiliki image size 14 inch dengan Processor Intel CPU i3-6006U
  • Micropack Wireless Keyboard Mouse KM-236W
    Rp 416.650

    Item Code: SMP0460007

    Availability: In stock

    KM 232W has an affordable price with a wireless system and other quality features for the Mouse Keyboard series. In this product, MicroPack presents cheap keyboard and mouse products that target office and home users, who are looking for products to type and work in a comfortable and concise manner.;
  • Micropack Laser Mouse MP-360G
    Rp 104.150

    Item Code: SMP0420006

    Availability: In stock

    MP-3600 is one mouse that is right to help your daily computing activities. This mouse is designed concise with quality material that is equipped with accurate optical technology, so it can provide smooth and fast movement. To plug and play this mouse is also very easy, simply plugging in the USB port on a PC or Laptop without the need for additional applications. Even this mouse is also compatible with various operating systems.;
  • Micropack Rainbow Optical Mouse MP-216
    Rp 93.750

    Item Code: SMP0420007

    Availability: In stock

    MP-216 Rainbow Series Double Lens Mouse - Black is a mouse with the latest two lens technology, more precision with a resolution of 1000 DPI. The MP-216 mouse has 7 LED lights that can flash like a rainbow. Ergonomic design allows your hands to feel comfortable when using the MP-216 mouse with long usage.;
  • Micropack Double Lens Mouse MP-36R
    Rp 197.900

    Item Code: SMP0420008

    Availability: In stock

    MP-36R is a mouse and USB Hub package from Micropack. The mouse with minisize design features double lens technology with a resolution of 1000 dpi making it easy, comfortable, and smooth when you move the cursor on a computer or laptop screen. USB Hub functions to add 4 (four) USB ports version 2.0 with transfer rates up to 480 Mbps from a single USB port source on a computer or notebook. So that it can be installed 4 computer devices that use a USB connection such as flash, mouse, keyboard, and others.;