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  • Projector Sony VPL-FX500L
    Rp 96.530.000

    Item Code: SSN0750002

    Availability: In stock

    Featuring a very wide range of lens-shift adjustment, and interchangeable lenses, this is a projector that installers can easily fit into awkward places, often reusing mounts and fixtures. The VPL-FX500L is so flexible that it can replace a very wide range of existing equipment. Outstanding image quality is just one of the many benefits of Sony's 3LCD BrightEra technology. By reducing the effects of UV light, it lengthens panel life, brightens the image, and improves colour rendition.
  • Projector Sony VPL-FHZ55
    Rp 63.120.000

    Item Code: SSN0750003

    Availability: In stock

    The VPL-FHZ55 is the world’s first 3LCD laser projector, delivering game-changing performance and reliability in mission-critical installation applications. It’s ideal for a wide range of installation needs, producing bright, detail-packed WUXGA images with a resolution that’s higher than Full HD. So your audience only sees big, beautiful pictures, not pixels.
  • Projector Sony VPL-EX255
    Rp 9.355.500

    Item Code: SSN0750001

    Availability: In stock

    Combining superb XGA image quality with smart energy-efficient features, the VPL-EX255 portable projector enhances learning with powerful presentations that really stand out. Simple to use and wireless ready, the projector is ideal for maximising student engagement in today’s networked classrooms, making it your ideal partner throughout the busy school day.
  • Camera Sony PXW-Z150
    Rp 60.506.943

    Item Code: SSN0320010

    Availability: Out Of Stock

    Ready for any shooting scenario, Sony’s PXW-Z150 handy professional camcorder delivers stunning 4K image quality, Instant HDR Workflow, 120fps HFR Full-HD slow-motion and built-in advanced networking for live streaming and wireless workflow.
  • Camera Sony PXW-FS7M2
    Rp 217.800.000

    Item Code: SSN0320011

    Availability: Out Of Stock

    FS7 II dramatically improves the experience of shooting with Sony’s ultimate documentary camcorder and simply one of the world’s most versatile Super 35mm camcorders. A host of enhancements, from an all-new lens mount to world-leading Electronic Auto Variable ND system and enhanced ergonomics, transform the possibilities of what you can do. Shoot and move. Handheld, shoulder-mount or suspended from a gimbal. FS7 II delivers the spectacular imagery you expect from Sony.
  • Camera Sony HXR-MC2500
    Rp 12.947.000

    Item Code: SSN0320001

    Availability: Out Of Stock

    The HXR-MC2500 provides a professional look and shooting style which is ideal for weddings, corporate communications or education facilities. While light and easily portable, its full Shoulder Mount design means your clients immediately know you mean business.
  • Camera Sony HXR-NX100
    Rp 22.845.216

    Item Code: SSN0320002

    Availability: Out Of Stock

    The HXR-NX100 is an affordable, compact Full-HD camera capable of stunning results with a no-compromise big 1.0-type sensor, and a familiar, proven set of manual controls, including 3 independent manual lens rings, alongside smart fully auto options. The NX100 offers all the professional features you need in a robust yet compact chassis.
  • Camera Sony PXW-FS5
    Rp 79.029.378

    Item Code: SSN0320003

    Availability: Out Of Stock

    A handheld camera should be able to get you into tight places. To work in your lap. To move with the talent. To shoot high and low angles with equal agility. And because the FS5 is a Sony, there’s no compromises. Record 4K at 60*/50fps in FS RAW to go beyond what anyone ever imagined for a camcorder that weighs just 0.8kg.
  • Camera Sony PXW-X70
    Rp 37.168.243

    Item Code: SSN0320004

    Availability: Out Of Stock

    The popular PXW-X70 palm-sized camcorder continues to evolve with the addition of XAVC 4K (QFHD) 100Mbps* recordings at 30p/25p/24p, plus MPEG HD422 and MPEG HD420**, providing even more recording choices. It is possible to select an output from HDMI, SDI, and composite while recording QFHD, plus a salvage function for XAVC file is available