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  • SONY PowerShot SX740
    Rp 5.900.000

    Item Code: SSN1210086

    Availability: In stock

    Bentuk ramping dengan Superzoom 40x untuk memanfaatkan berbagai peluang memotret kenangan Kehidupan dan saat di Perjalanan
  • SONY Wireless Speaker with NFC SRS-XB22
    Rp 2.060.000

    Item Code: SSN0480001

    Availability: In stock

    Hit the LIVE SOUND button and hear your music in a whole new way.
  • SONY Wireless Speaker with NFC SRS-XB32
    Rp 3.090.000

    Item Code: SSN0480002

    Availability: In stock

    See what makes the SRS-XB32 the perfect speaker for partying with friends.
  • SONY Wireless Speaker with NFC SRS-XB12
    Rp 1.030.000

    Item Code: SSN0480003

    Availability: In stock

    Compact yet powerful, the SRS-XB12 portable wireless speaker features EXTRA BASS for deep, punchy sound and a battery life of up to 16 hours.
  • SONY Ultra Wide Converter SEL075UWC
    Rp 4.092.500

    Item Code: SSN1220049

    Availability: In stock

    This dedicated ultra-wide converter for the FE 28mm F2 lens provides an even wider 21mm focal length, and because it is specifically designed for the full-frame FE 28mm F2 it delivers imposing wide perspective with high resolution throughout the image area from infinity down to the closest focusing distance, without compromising the lens’s image quality.
  • SONY Fisheye Converter SEL057FEC
    Rp 4.887.500

    Item Code: SSN1220050

    Availability: In stock

    This dedicated conversion lens for the FE 28mm F2 provides 16mm focal length with fisheye perspective and a full 180° angle of view (diagonally).
  • SONY LENSA KAMERA Vario-Tessar T* FE 16-35mm F4 ...
    Rp 20.294.900

    Item Code: SSN1220040

    Availability: In stock

    This full frame E-mount 16-35mm ZEISS Vario-Tessar zoom offers outstanding performance in a compact, lightweight package. A versatile zoom range coupled with built-in optical image stabilization makes it a great choice for snapshots, indoor scenes, group shots, landscapes, and more, especially with a full-frame ?7 series body. A constant F4 maximum aperture facilitates exposure and depth-of-field control.
  • SONY LENSA KAMERA FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM SEL1635GM
    Rp 38.203.250

    Item Code: SSN1220041

    Availability: In stock

    G Master performance in a wide-angle F2.8 16-35mm zoom offers a wealth of opportunities to capture subjects in creative new ways.
    Rp 9.621.000

    Item Code: SSN1220042

    Availability: In stock

    There's nothing like the sharpness and smooth bokeh of a well-designed mid-range telephoto prime lens for portraiture, and the SEL85F18 is a standout choice.