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  • WePresent WePresent Wireless Interactive Present ...
    Rp 12.100.000

    Item Code: SWP0760004

    Availability: In stock

    The improved WiPG-1000-P is perfect for classrooms, meeting rooms, and small huddle spaces with improved features such as 2.4GHz/5GHz selective WiF
  • WePresent Wireless Presentation Gateway WiPG-160
    Rp 18.700.000

    Item Code: SWP0760005

    Availability: In stock

    Like all wePresent models, WiPG-1600W offers cross-platform compatibility allowing Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS devices to present and interact together. WiPG-1600W also offers support for Apple AirPlay, allowing users to present using Apple’s native protocol.
  • WePresent WiCS-2100 Wireless Presentation/Collab ...
    Rp 22.000.000

    Item Code: SWP0760006

    Availability: In stock

    wePresent’s WiCS-2100 is a simple to use wireless presentation collaboration solution that allows presentation, interaction and collaboration between users with any kind of device. WiCS-2100 is the first wePresent unit to offer eco standby mode which allows for reduced power consumption without compromising any performance or reliability. Eco standby mode utilizes discreet power to maintain functionality while conserving energy use.
  • WePresent SharePod
    Rp 6.600.000

    Item Code: SWP0760007

    Availability: In stock

    SharePod allows any HDMI source to utilize the advanced features on the wePresent device such as the 4-to-1 projection, onscreen annotation, WebSlides and more. SharePod pairs to any wePresent wireless presentation system. Connect your HDMI source to the SharePod, press the button and begin presenting your HDMI device.
  • WePresent Wireless Interactive Presentation Gate ...
    Rp 11.000.000

    Item Code: SWP0760001

    Availability: In stock

    Our entry-level model is affordable and packed-full with features. The WiPG-1000-P is perfect for classrooms, meeting rooms, and small huddle spaces.
  • WePresent Wireless Interactive Presentation Gate ...
    Rp 17.600.000

    Item Code: SWP0760002

    Availability: In stock

    Compared to its predecessor, the new version of WiPG-1600W boasts greater networking flexibility by providing various network access solutions: wired LAN, wireless LAN, wired LAN + wireless LAN.
  • WePresent Wireless Interactive Presentation Gate ...
    Rp 19.800.000

    Item Code: SWP0760003

    Availability: In stock

    Our flagship WiPG-2000 model has every-single feature we have packed inside. The wePresent 2000 is the perfect solution for every environment from classrooms, meeting rooms or the executive boardroom.