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  • Zebra Barcode Printer ZD230
    Rp 4.060.000

    Item Code: SZB0550018

    Availability: In stock

    The ZD230 is simple to install and begin printing
  • Zebra Single Sided Card Printer ZC100
    Rp 16.041.600

    Item Code: SZB0550016

    Availability: In stock

  • Zebra Card Printer ZC300
    Rp 17.187.500

    Item Code: SZB0550017

    Availability: In stock

    Printer ZC300, Single Sided, UK/EU/US Cords, USB & Ethernet, Windows Driver
  • Zebra Barcode Scanner LS1203-7AZU0100SR
    Rp 1.385.000

    Item Code: SZB1490002

    Availability: In stock

    The Symbol LS1203 handheld scanner delivers high quality laser scanning, user-friendly ergonomics and durability at an affordable price. Designed to meet the needs of small businesses, the LS1203 provides the performance and features needed to significantly reduce data entry errors and boost productivity day in and day out in gift shops, boutiques, sporting goods, jewelers, video stores, florists and other small local retailers. Easy and comfortable to use, the Symbol LS1203 offers high reliability and investment protection. The Symbol LS1203 offers a range of interface options: USB, Keyboard wedge and RS-232 kits include cables and (when applicable) power supplies.;
  • Zebra Barcode Scanner LI4278-TRBU0100ZAR
    Rp 7.057.500

    Item Code: SZB1490003

    Availability: In stock

    ZEBRA LI4278-TRBU0100ZAR Barcode Scanner is a handheld scanner that provides high-quality, user-friendly laser scanning. provides the performance and features needed to significantly reduce data entry errors and increase daily productivity in stores. This type also provides more scan distance and supports mobile barcode. Designed by emphasizing ease of use and user convenience. Its compact size is 9.8x7x18.6cm and its weight is only 224gram which is very light and comfortable when used.;
  • Zebra Barcode Scanner 1D9208-SR4NNU21ZAP
    Rp 3.343.500

    Item Code: SZB1490001

    Availability: In stock

    ZEBRA 1D9208-SR4NNU21ZAP Barcode Scanner is designed to meet business needs, Zebra Barcode Scanner 1D9208 provides the performance and features needed to significantly reduce data entry errors and improve daily productivity in souvenir shops, boutiques, sporting goods, jewelry, shops flowers and others including small local retailers. The advantage of this model is that it is hands free and can scan omni-directional. This means that to use this scanner you can simply put it on the table and direct or expose the barcode to the scanner. There is no need for one hand to hold the scanner to scan the item. Thus the queue time / queue time can be trimmed and service can be faster.;
  • Zebra Printer Barcode Label 105SL Plus 203dpi 10 ...
    Rp 26.594.040

    Item Code: SZB0550015

    Availability: In stock

    The 105SL Plus printer offers the ruggedness and reliability of the popular Zebra 105 Se with significantly enhanced capabilities. Based on a proven platform, the 105SL Plus incorporates enhanced memory and processing capacity combined with cutting-edge connectivity that make it the choice of experienced users. The 105SL Plus is available with either a 203 or 300 dpi printhead, offering exceptional quality at a great price. All units ship with one user's manual.;
  • Zebra Printer Barcode Label ZT-420 203dpi ZT4206 ...
    Rp 37.470.000

    Item Code: SZB0550014

    Availability: In stock

    ZT400 printers feature USB, Serial, Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity along with expanded RFID capabilities. And with Zebra’s Link-OS environment, an innovative operating system, you can easily integrate, manage and maintain these printers from anywhere in the world.;
  • Zebra Printer Barcode Label ZT-410 300dpi ZT4104 ...
    Rp 25.027.200

    Item Code: SZB0550013

    Availability: In stock

    Zebra ZT410 help Keep your critical operations running efficiently, designed for years of performance in a wide array of applications. ZT410 industrial printer builds on the field-proven reliability of the Z Series with advancements in print speed, print quality and connectivity options. Designed for ease of use, the ZT410 barcode label printers offer an intuitive icon based LCD graphical user interface and easy supplies loading. And, they include standard USB, Serial, Ethernet and Bluetooth capabilities. Expanded RFID capacities deliver greater tracking abilities, deeper visibility and enterprise insights.;
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