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  • Plus Copyboard N20S
    Rp 23.958.325

    Item Code: SPC1570014

    Availability: In stock

    PLUS Copyboard N-20S is an electronic copyboard that is equipped with network functions and also smartphone integration. With the MTG Pocket App application on a smartphone, the audience can save the annotation results or notes and drawings on the board to the smartphone directly. Notes can also be saved to PCs, laptops to USB Flashdisks. N20S is a standard model with 2 panels and 1300 x 910 mm panel area. The surface of the N-20S Copyboard can also be affixed with a magnet to hold paper.;
  • Plus Copyboard N20W
    Rp 26.562.500

    Item Code: SPC1570015

    Availability: In stock

    PLUS Copyboard N-20W Network Electronic Board comes as a path breaking solution to break the boredom of conventional working style. Designed to offer an exceptional ability of storing your work digitally, this N-20W Copyboard can easily save important notes in colored as well as monochrome formats and print them for future reference. Featuring two writing panels in its design, this PLUS N-20W Copyboard features a lightweight design that can be easily mounted on any wall or partition and is highly portable too. With a front loading USB memory, this PLUS N-20W Copyboard offers high network assistance to use office applications smoothly for its benefit. Numerous LED indicators and a motorized page drive also find a vital place in the engineering of this PLUS N-20W Electronic Board to work brilliantly with its multiple capture board functions.;
  • Plus Copyboard Copyboard K10S
    Rp 20.052.000

    Item Code: SPC1570001

    Availability: In stock

    Papan jaringan yang ringkas dan ringan yang dapat ditempatkan di ruang kerja dan bilik negosiasi. Karena kondensasi fungsi yang dapat digunakan dalam printerless, seperti pelestarian jaringan dan pencetakan jaringan, ke dalam desain yang ringkas, Anda dapat menggunakannya dalam berbagai macam pemandangan terlepas dari lokasinya.
  • Infocus IN224 Projector (SVGA/3800 lumens/17000:
    Rp 5.870.000

    Item Code: SIF0750043

    Availability: In stock

    The InFocus IN224 SVGA projector has high brightness for larger or brighter meeting rooms, connectivity for digital devices, and low price to fit tight budgets
  • Infocus IN5555 Projector (WUXGA/7000 lumens/2400
    Rp 230.600.000

    Item Code: SIF0750044

    Availability: In stock

    The IN5555L DLP projector has the ultimate in native wide resolution at 1920 x 1200 dpi, so all your content will be displayed as it was meant to be seen, and big enough for everyone to see. It is versatile enough to install in most any auditorium, convention hall, church or other house of worship -- even when projecting over long distances or in high ambient light.
  • ViewSonic Projector 3600 Lumens SVGA PA503SP
    Rp 6.812.500

    Item Code: SVS0750017

    Availability: In stock

    The ViewSonic PA503SP SVGA projector for presentations offers impressive multimedia performance from various devices in small to medium-sized meeting rooms and classrooms. Packed with 3,600 ANSI Lumens of high brightness and SuperColor Technology
  • NEC Projector CK4155XG Short Throw 3.300 ANSI XG
    Rp 18.080.000

    Item Code: SNF0750073

    Availability: In stock

    3300 ANSI, XGA, LCD 15000:1, 5.2 Kg, 2x HDMI, USB port, 5000 (10000 ECO) Hr Lamp Life, 16W Speaker
  • NEC Projector MC332WG Main Stream Series 3.300 A ...
    Rp 14.905.800

    Item Code: SNF0750074

    Availability: In stock

    3300 ANSI, WXGA, LCD, 16000:1, 2.9Kg, 2 X HDMI, USB PORT, 6000 hrs Normal Eco (15000 Eco Mode) Lamp life
  • NEC Projector MC372XG Main Stream Series 3.700 A ...
    Rp 13.731.800

    Item Code: SNF0750075

    Availability: In stock

    3700 ANSI, XGA, LCD, 16000:1, 2.9Kg, 2 X HDMI, USB PORT, 6000 hrs Normal Eco (15000 Eco Mode) Lamp life