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  • AVER Proyektor Dokumen Kamera Vision F55
    Rp 6.855.350

    Item Code: SAE1430006

    Availability: In stock

    Document Camera F55 is an Enlarge tool to check minute details of any object or annotate just by connecting the mouse. Capture high-resolution images or record HD videos with audio to share with students so they can review lessons at home at their own pace. In addition, completing the A + Suite visualization software gives educators a variety of unique teaching tools to maximize the effectiveness of any lesson. so students can pay attention from beginning to end clearly, full HD1080p streaming images from the F55 visualizer.;
  • AVER Proyektor Dokumen Kamera Vision F15
    Rp 6.205.475

    Item Code: SAE1430007

    Availability: In stock

    Watch your lessons take flight, as the sharp, vivid imaging achieved through this budget-friendly visualizer’s 5-megapixel camera sensor and full HD1080p output spark your students’ imagination. Capture high resolution images of precious classroom moments and save them to the internal/external memory or use the expansive A3 shooting area to effortlessly show textbook content and large visual aids in their entirety. Realize F15's full potential through AVer's handy A+ Suite visualizer software.;
  • AVER Proyektor Dokumen Kamera Vision W30
    Rp 7.935.025

    Item Code: SAE1430008

    Availability: In stock

    Power your science lab with the revolutionary AVerVision W30 wireless visualizer. Whether it is dissecting a frog, observing living organisms, or demonstrating chemical experiments in great details, the W30 is an incredible learning tool for students to discover the world around them from the safety of their desks. In addition the unique dual imaging feature makes it so simple to compare and contrast lab results. Now you can bring science to life for the whole class with the unique W30 wireless visualizer.;
  • AVER Proyektor Dokumen Kamera Tabcam
    Rp 7.494.775

    Item Code: SAE1430009

    Availability: In stock

    TabCam is the worlds first video capture and streaming solution for tablets, allowing teachers to stream, present, annotate, record and share live images via an iPad, Android/Windows 8 tablet, or PC/Mac. The wireless TabCam camera and feature-rich TabCam app form a uniquely mobile teaching and learning solution. Teachers can create engaging and educational lessons at the spur of the moment using just about anything. Everything can be recorded and shared via the Web, so lessons are available anytime, anywhere.;
  • AVER Proyektor Dokumen Kamera Vision VP1 HD
    Rp 5.985.325

    Item Code: SAE1430005

    Availability: In stock

    Document Camera / Visualiser AVerVIsion VP1-HD is designed with a compact and lightweight body to support the needs of the teaching and learning process or training. AverVision VP1-HD helps display physical objects to the projector or Monitor to support the learning process.;
  • ELMO Proyektor Dokumen Kamera/OHP P30HD
    Rp 46.710.000

    Item Code: SEL1430006

    Availability: In stock

    The P30HD's megapixel image sensor and 128x zoom captures everything from fine text to three-dimensional objects in 1080p full HD without ever missing a beat.
  • ELMO Proyektor Dokumen Kamera/OHP P100HD
    Rp 75.096.000

    Item Code: SEL1430007

    Availability: In stock

    More than just a document camera, the ELMO P100HD Visual Presenter goes further by featuring advanced technology, such as a color touch panel and 1080p full HD as well as concepts to enhance a wide range of communications. The P100HD was designed with the goal of increasing the power to communicate and is the perfect presentation tool for all of your needs. The P100HD is extremely versatile and designed for an extensive range of applications.
  • ELMO Proyektor Dokumen Kamera/OHP P10HD
    Rp 36.000.000

    Item Code: SEL1430005

    Availability: In stock

    Even in an increasingly virtual world, reality is often the best teacher. Actual specimens, real three-dimensional objects, authentic documents, and pages directly from a book all make visual presentations more diverse, realistic, and vivid.
  • ELMO Proyektor Dokumen Kamera/OHP L-12iD
    Rp 14.634.000

    Item Code: SEL1430004

    Availability: In stock

    The ELMOL-12iD is specially designed to meet the demands of teachers in class. Easy to use, flexible and robust - these features made the ELMO L-12iD the best-selling visualiser in Europe!. With the high-quality camera and its immense zoom, you can present all your materials in a lively, real life, close up image. 96x zoom enlargement enables everyone in class to focus on the smallest detail. Just connect the ELMO visualiser to a projector and within seconds you are ready to go - with or without PC