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  • ATEN 4K DisplayPort 1.2 Booster VB905-AT-G
    Rp 3.143.000

    Item Code: SAT0640004

    Availability: In stock

    The VE800 HDMI Extender extends your HDMI display up to 60 m away from your HDMI source using two Cat 5e cables. It is equipped with HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) connectors and is capable of supporting DVI-D (Single-Link) equipment when used with a HDMI-to-DVI adapter, providing greater flexibility and installation options when integrating several home theater components.
  • ATEN VGA Booster (1280 x 1024@70m) VB100-AT-G
    Rp 1.571.000

    Item Code: SAT0640001

    Availability: In stock

    The VB100 VGA Booster amplifies the VGA signal from a source device and transmits it to a display up to 70 meters away. The VGA booster extends the display distance without any signal loss; to bring you a crystal clear video display at a longer distance. The VB100 is built with a compact housing design for easy installation and manual gain control to improve image quality at different distances. The VB100 can be powered from the VGA source and has a built-in LED indicator for power. The VB100 supports hotplugging and requires no software forinstallation, making it an easy, compact, and affordable solution to extend your VGA display.
  • ATEN DVI Booster (1920 x 1200@30m) VE560-AT-G
    Rp 2.357.000

    Item Code: SAT0640002

    Availability: In stock

    The VE560 DVI Booster allows extending the standard DVI transmission range by 50 m while maintaining high video quality. This allows placing a computer in a safe environment. The VE560 provides a mounting kit which enables you to easily mount the device on a wall. The VE560 is ideal for home theater applications.
  • ATEN True 4K HDMI Booster VB800-AT-G
    Rp 6.285.000

    Item Code: SAT0640003

    Availability: In stock

    The VB800 is a true 4K HDMI booster providing a solution for long distance transmission. The HDMI booster reliably extends true 4K signals and can be cascaded up to 10 levels, guaranteeing ultimate color and image quality. The VB800 is HDMI 2.0 compliant and supports all HDMI enabled devices. The booster can be rack mounted, offering excellent flexibility for managing both work and home settings.
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