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  • LG Video Wall 49 Inch 49VL5B
    Rp 51.925.000

    Item Code: SLG1340001

    Availability: In stock

    Now imagine it before you buy it. Use our online toolto visualize and map custom video wall configurations in standard environments or upload your own.
  • LG Video Wall 55 Inch 55LV75D
    Rp 72.427.500

    Item Code: SLG1340002

    Availability: In stock

    The 3.5mm ultra narrow bezel size creates immersive and seamless viewing experiences on assembled video wall screens.
  • LG Video Wall 49 Inch 49VH7C
    Rp 103.125.000

    Item Code: SLG1340003

    Availability: In stock

    Through Video Wall Image Creation (VIC) technology, color and brightness differences are compensated in circuit part with an algorithm to make the panels into a same characteristic so that each video wall maintains the consistent white balance.
  • LG Video Wall 49 Inch 49VM5C
    Rp 81.687.500

    Item Code: SLG1340004

    Availability: In stock

    The optimized built-in quad-core SoC in the 49VM5C can play various content formats and eliminates the need for an external media player. Using its built-in SoC, each display plays its video tile without lag for synchronized content playback.
  • LG Video Wall 55 Inch 55VM5B
    Rp 106.662.500

    Item Code: SLG1340005

    Availability: In stock

    The 55VH7B/VM5B ensures clear picture quality even when installed in stacks of more than four. This is very favorable for the quantity of video walls installed in large spaces.
  • Samsung Video Wall 55 Inch UM55H-E
    Rp 84.114.500

    Item Code: SSG1340003

    Availability: In stock

    Samsung’s narrow bezel video wall features bezel–to-bezel width of 1.7mm that minimizes the visual distraction of video walls to elicit impacting imagery of products. The display produces a near-seamless picture across multiple screens without interruption, captivating and impressing customers.
  • Samsung Video Wall 46inch UD46E-A
    Rp 64.300.000

    Item Code: SSG0220003

    Availability: In stock

    Video Wall Samsung ini hadir dengan ukuran layar 46inch, tipe D-LED DID menjamin kualitas resolusi hingga 1080p dan rasio kontras 4000 : 1 dan juga berbagai fitur lainnya seperti konektivitas yang tersedia sangat banyak, membuat perangkat ini sangat cocok untuk penggunaan dalam implementasi smarter city ataupun bisnis anda.
  • ViewSonic Video Wall 49 Inch CDX-4952
    Rp 60.500.000

    Item Code: SVS1340003

    Availability: In stock

    With stunning brightness, vibrant images, and multi-screen tiling, the ViewSonic CDX4952 49 In (48.5 In. viewable) commercial display is your ideal tool for creating video walls that wow! With up to 10x10 tiling installation, and an ultra-narrow bezel that measures only 3.5mm between combined displays, the CDX4952 delivers nearly seamless, high-impact messaging that helps you to astonish, inspire, and inform.
  • ViewSonic Video Wall 55 Inch CDX-5552
    Rp 63.750.000

    Item Code: SVS1340004

    Availability: In stock

    The ViewSonic CDX5552 is a 55 In. (54.6 In. viewable) commercial display with an ultra-narrow bezel optimized for multi-panel video wall applications. With an edge-to-edge bezel width of only 3.5mm between combined displays, and 10x10 installation via DisplayPort or DVI daisy-chain, the CDX5552 delivers nearly seamless, high-impact video walls for public, retail, and transportation settings